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Diamond Casino To Open First Real Poker Room in Macau

Macau Diamond Casino at Holiday Inn

The Diamond Casino at the Holiday Inn downtown Macau has announced a partnership with the PokerDome Group based out of Australia to open the first "real" poker room in Macau.

By real, we mean with actual dealers, chips and cash. The poker experiment at Diamond follows Galaxy StarWorld's implementation of a handful of PokerTek electronic poker tables on their casino floor.

Macau's casinos have yet to fully promote US-style poker games - Texas Hold Em, Stud, Omaha etc - despite having celebrity poker giants like Johnny Chan doing a lot of chin wagging in their support.

We see this as a no-brainer, really. If one of the larger casinos or even a group of them put up a big prize for a mammoth (televised?) international free roll tournament for the highest of the high rolling poker slingers it would blow Macau's poker offerings wide open.


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I wouldn't consider this a "no-brainer" at all. Poker is not a well-known game in China, from what I have seen and heard. With Chinese players apparently lining up three-deep to get at the baccarat tables, should a casino really risk their floor space on a game that may not have much of an audience, and that even in Vegas doesn't bring in as much money to the house as a bank of slot machines on the same space?Don't get me wrong, I am really looking forward to a poker room in Macau and hopefully the poker market taking off here, but let's be realistic, shall we?

you're right. no-brainer is a bit overstatement at least in terms of the chinese crowd. i was thinking it would be more of a boon to luring players from other countries - vietnam, malaysia, japan, korea, thailand, australia etc., where poker is more widely known and played than baccarat.the rake is also not very profitable either, but having a live poker room to service those who want to play is a great idea.

I hope you're right. I live in Tokyo and we don't have any legal casinos here, so the closest poker room is in South Korea. I haven't been to any of the S. Korea casinos, but I am looking forward to visiting Macau again (last time I was there was maybe 7 or 8 years ago) and seeing the new casinos. If they had a poker room, great! If they have Chinese players sitting down to learn the game, even better! ;)

StarWorld has a bunch of PokerTek electronic tables. The players seemed to be a mix of semi-experienced players and baffled fish, there were about 8 of them playing at the time. If you've got any photos of the casinos from your trip way back, we'd love to add them to the vintage Macau photo gallery we're going to add to the site in the next few months. You can email them to me: charles@this domain.

Wrong! I live in Zhuhai (right across the border from Macau) and make regular trips to Macau to play poker at Star World's electronic poker tables. On my recent trip this week to Macau I went to the Diamond Casino and NO poker tables. The 4 people that I asked did not seem to know what I was talking about. The Diamond Casino only has baccarat and slots. Rumor has it that the MGM Grand may have poker in about 6 months but as of yet have been unable to verify.

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