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Eaten By Leopard

I got a copy of the new Mac OS X upgrade, promptly installed it on the MacBook I got for the Macau Trip. Works great, very pretty, lots of goodies up in there that will make life on a Mac even easier and more powerful. After spending the greater part of the last week or so doing QA of the new VT on my Windows 2000 PC running an archaic version of IE 6 (i like to test on the worst possible scenario). It's great to be skating on a freshly zamboni'd operating system ice rink again. I've used Windows for an eternity and Macs since I was in 7th grade (1982). I prefer Macs.

Since the install went swimmingly on the MacBook, I thought I'd give it a spin on the G5 2x2.0 that powers the majority of the programming and design work I do. I ran the installer then went to bed, hoping to wake up to a new OS, raring to go. Of course, it didn't work out that way... the installer bombed out that night but not before rendering the previous Tiger installation un-bootable. Yep... the point of no return. I grabbed my pocket protector and put on my best 'help desk' outfit and went to work. Three more attempts to install Leopard bombed out. An attempt to regress back to Tiger is impossible from a more advanced OS unless you wipe the drive - and lose all of the files on it.

I booted up the G5 as a target disc to the MacBook and tried to do a remote install onto a second internal drive of the G5. No can do. After attempting a number of other ways to get the G5 back online, I decided to mirror the MacBook's data onto the second drive of the G5. It worked, but I don't trust this drive to handle much more than storage since it failed once before.

The long and the short of it is, I've got to spend the next day or two getting all this shit sorted out before I can finish up the reviews of the Macau hotels. Honestly, I'm toasted from all the VT redesign & MacauTripping site launch insanity since I got back from the trip and really need a break.


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Excuses, excuses.My Leopard install went just fine, thank you very much.

mine did too... on the fifth try. i finally did a clean install with the DL DVD booting from the MacBook. i think my tiger turned into a rabid alley cat with the pounding its been subject to lately. its up and running like a charm now.

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