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The implosion of VegasTripping is well underway. The DNS entry was switched to the new server at 10pm PST Saturday October 20th. The old site started to implode on itself at about 3am as the server (located in Ohio) entered the new DNS cycle causing all sorts of php file includes to fail and the pages became littered with errors.

At about 4am we decided to hose the old VT site completely, sending all pages to a "Ba-BOOOOOM" error page. I've been hearing from some friends around the world that the DNS is now resolving to the new server. Here in Los Angeles, (minus the www) is resolving to the new server and is resolving to the old one. Hopefully the DNS cache will finish flushing it self out sometime today.

If you've tried to email me through the VegasTripping email address, it's probably gotten lost in the transition. If you don't get a response in the next day or so, you might want to try again. If you find any bugs, send them to us - particularly on IE7 - if you're using IE6, well... it's time to upgrade to software written this century.

I'll be posting more updates here as the implosion progresses.


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