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Get It On: MGM Grand Macau Grand Opening December 9th

One of our new readers posted a comment to Macau discussion board that says the grand opening date for MGM Grand Macau will be December 9th. His source is an MGM exec, who relayed this information on the hush-hush under the radar downlow double secret probation style. My contacts at MGM Grand Paradise are playing poker with me and won't give up a tell no matter how many times I give them the Matusow. :(

I'm sure we'll be proven wrong yet again. What can I say, I look great with egg congee on my face.

On another tip, I was showing my photos of Crown Macau to my wife this evening and got another boner for that place. I re-iterate my original sentiment: "Holy Crap!". I'm working on the Hotel Lisboa review now but seriously considering skipping it and Wynn Macau and heading straight to Crown. Researching Hotel Lisboa's history is nearly impossible, at least on the internet. Other than the Wikipedia entry, there isn't much to go on. I might have to go to the library and start digging through microfilm *gulp*.


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