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Did I Actually Say That?

A few days after I stayed at Galaxy StarWorld, the folks from Galaxy posted a link to my first impressions mini-review to the StarWorld Macau's "What's New" page on their website.

I'm still a little shocked that a big multi-bajillion dollar gaming company would a) know about a website that had yet to launch b) lend credence to said websites buffoonery c) post a link to said website on their website. "Fascinating."

I noticed the other day that StarWorld has also "translated" a portion of the review to use in their email marketing. I'm not exactly sure whether of not 'translation' is an accurate descriptor for what they've done. They seem to have translated my flowery blogspeak from English to Chinese and back to English again. Or English to 'Chinese English'. Or Chuckmonster-ese to Chinese English. Or maybe they wrote something on their own (based on the good marks I gave them) and attributed it to MacauTripping.

Check this out:

Allow me to quote their "quote" of me : "My fabulous experience proved that StarWorld is dedicated to providing impeccable hotel services and endless delights for all guests..."

Yeah, those aren't my words exactly, but the sentiment is accurate, just translated to Chinese English Happy Speak. StarWorld rocked, great hotel, great service, fabulous rooms. My only wish was that they included the part about the crazy stalker lady who followed me around the casino.

I think the above video from "Lost In Translation" pretty much sums it up. I just wish I had a bottle of Suntory whisky at hand.


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