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Gone But Not Forgotten, Oceanus Update

I've been spending the last two days dealing with some domestic issues, most notably a trip to particle-board wonderland IKEA and the ensuing construction of furniture objects with a bizarre right angled wrench thingy.

There's a lot more Macau goodies to come including the rest of the reviews, the MGM Grand Macau meeting details and photos and a whole bunch of other stuff.

I got an interesting email from MT reader Othello last night regarding SJM's Oceanus project that is worth sharing with y'all. Take it away Othello:

"I don't know if you know but it is destined to cover the site of Jai Alai, the department store New Yohan in front of Jai Alai and the site of the floating casino, Macau Palace (used to be moored near Ponte 16). This would mean the Macau Grand Prix will actually run through the Casino i.e. it will stradle the road (Grand Prix track) and cross into the sea like the bows of a huge ship. The preview is very impressive if you've seen it.

The replacement Department store is being built next to Emperor Entertainment and should be open end 2007 -early 2008 paving the way for Oceanus.

Some of you may remember the Oceanus renderings and mini-profile I posted a day or so before I left for Macau. I was very well aware of the location of Oceanus, but did not know it would extend all the way to the Jai Alai Casino, due to not knowing exactly what was where before I went to Macau. Additionally, I did not know that Casino Macau Palace was going to be removed as well. Some of the renderings I've seen show Macau Palace in its current location.

Here's an overlay of a Macau satellite photo with Oceanus rendering from the architects website:

Oceanus Macau Property Location

Regardless, the Oceanus project is going to be massive, and when opened will form a physical (and possibly psychological) barrier that gamblers will have to cross to get to the other joints. I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that the biggest loser when Oceanus opens will be Sands Macao.


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