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New and Improved Cotai Strip Map (I Think We're Getting Close)

You may have thought that I ran out of Macau stuff to blabber about. Hardly. The end is truly nowhere in sight, particularly since the target is continually moving, details are leaking out and more rocks and worms have been inspected.

I've spent a large chunk of the last few days attempting to triangulate, with a reasonable degree of accuracy, exactly what is where on Cotai. This is a world of Rumsfeldian confusion, where the known-known, known-unknown, and unknown-unknown marinate in a sea of confusion that is now reclaimed land.

So, without further adieu, here's my latest attempt at pinpointing what is what and where. I'll try and post links to sources and rumors as applicable.

MGM Cotai Development: - I had no luck trying to ferret out the location of the MGM plot on Cotai from my contacts at MGMMirage. The Macau Business Press had somewhat similar luck grilling MGM Grand Paradise boss Bob Moon. They wouldn't get a firm confirmation, but he didn't deny it either.

Q: Can you just confirm that the plot is located to the left of the Macau Dome?
Bob Moon: No, I really cannot. But I think it's going to be a fabulous site. We're really happy to get this site and we're planning the type of property that we think would best be suited in Cotai, for that particular piece of land.

Of course, "left" could mean anything. If I were Moon, I woulda played the smart ass and said "yes, its left of Macau Dome and left of Venetian and left of StarWorld." For the sake of this post, we can be confident that their perspective is looking a map similar to the one above, with West being "left".

Wynn Cotai: - few people outside of the chocolate walls of Wynn Resorts know where Wynn Resorts' property is. I'm going to go with the the oft cited Melco PBL inverstor relations presentation and outline a similar area they are, but with a greater degree of detail. The Packer family and the Wynn's are great friends so i'm sure they've talked about their plans for Cotai.

Wynn Resorts has stated in their filings and presentations that they have submitted plans to the Macau government for a 52 acre resort. Some analysts have said that Wynn's land bank is large enough to build a total of 4 properties. I haven't done a comparative measurement of the acreage in the satellite photos yet, but you can bet that Wynn has a rather large parcel.

Galaxy World: (formerly Galaxy MegaResort) will consist of nine hotels and three massive casinos. I blocked in where phase 1 construction is currently under way.

My original map had a bit too much space between Macao Studio City and the Lotus Bridge. Macao Studio City is a huge property, and the porte cochere will be facing north towards the Galaxy site.

I've also added a bunch of the yet to be constructed roads to the east of the St. Regis/Shangri-La/Sheraton developments. These are based on the Las Vegas Sands Barclays Bank presentation illustration of the Cotai Strip master plan. You can find that at the LVS corporate site.

Venetian Pool Area: I found this in a presentation by PB, a company working on the project. Looks to me like a large wave pool and a lazy river deal.

You can also see that City of Dreams extends up and around the roundabout to the east. I've adjusted the map to fit City of Dreams to that complete space.

Shangri La / Traders / Sheraton : I've attempted to pinpoint the exact location of the towers for each of these. As you know, the ground floor will attach all four of these buildings. Note that Sheraton has two towers and the Traders hotel will be perpendicular to the Shangri La by the rear entrance.

Thats where it stands as of today. If anyone has any tips, suggestions or beefs, leave a comment or shoot me an email.


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