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FedEx Delivery Exception = Package Stolen

A few days ago, I posted that I had ordered a bare bones MacBook for travel purposes. Well... after waiting by the door and phoning FedEx and Apple for four days, my fears have been confirmed - the computer was "stolen" from the FedEx truck somewhere in Los Angeles.

The MacBook was ordered on Monday afternoon, picked up at the Apple distribution center in Bloomington, CA (near Ontario) and brought to the FedEx distrubtion center nearby that evening. It left Bloomington Tuesday morning and arrived at FedEx L.A. distribution hub in Bell, CA a few hours later and was put on a truck for local delivery shortly thereafter.

I was initially shocked and super excited that FedEx had their shit together and was possibly going to deliver the computer the day after it was ordered. Kick ass. I kept my eyes and ears peeled for the van for the entire day. Never came. Late that night FedEx changed the status to "Delivery Exception - "Delivery Delayed, scheduled for next business day". Wednesday came and went and the package didn't arrive. Thursday morning, I decided to call FedEx to see what the deal was. The first guy I spoke to gave me the run around and said they'd put a tracer on the package and contact me when they tracked it. I called back a few hours later just to check up - or get a second opinion - and the operator frankly didn't give a shit and rushed me off the phone saying it might be lost and they didn't know anything.

Semi-pissed, I called Apple who took all my information and filed a "lost package" claim, the Apple customer service folks were great on the phone. Apple said they would get their tracker group on it and contact me the next day to see what they could find out. Despite this seeming confirmation that the package was lost, I still kept my eyes peeled in case the truck arrived. I called FedEx again at the end of the day to check on the status... the rep was very friendly and helpful, she said the package was at their distribution center in Bell and I could either come pick it up when they open or they will deliver tomorrow - guaranteed! Shit! I'll take the guaranteed delivery tomorrow thank you. What's the point of paying for shipping if you have to go pick the shit up yourself.

This morning I woke up early in hopes that FedEx would schedule the delivery "first thing" to assuage my ruffled feathers. How could I be so foolish? No truck, no computer. A few hours later a FedEx representative phoned me to announce that the FedEx truck carrying my computer had been broken into the other day and a bunch of the packages (including mine) were stolen. He told me to contact whomever sent the item to begin a lost item claim.

I called Apple again, they are going to get confirmation of the loss from FedEx and contact me within 24 hours (on Saturday?) and send a new MacBook.

Apple was very cool and supportive through the whole thing... FedEx on the other hand has very bad customer service. Their reps truly don't know any more than what you see on their tracking website. Idiots.


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