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All Your Crown Macau Questions Answered And More...

I've gotten a bunch of email from people interested in Crown Macau business, gaming sector investors I guess. So rather than copy and past the same email to everybody, I thought I'd reply publicly.

When I checked into Crown on Tuesday, there was no line at reception (it was early - about noon) and there was no wait at the taxi entrance. The rack rate for my room was just shy of US$400, and when all was said and done I dropped about $600 for one night, plus room service and other expenses. I won about US$100 playing Sic Bo in the casino, and lost about US$20 on the slots. I enjoyed Crown Macau's room service immensely, it was gourmet chow, delivered, and worth the price. Unlike Wynn, broadband internet access was free, which I appreciated immensely. Tacking another HK$160 for 24 hours of net access to the bill is, in my opinion, tacky. Only Wynn Macau charged for broadband, everybody else provided it with the room rates, including the Venetian Macao.

I visited the restaurants in the middle of 'dinner rush' the staff was incredibly gracious and let me take a walking tour of the restaurant areas. Hotel tower restaurants Ying, Tenmasa, Ki Ka and Aurora were about quarter full but were fully operational. There were people hanging out on the rooftop lounge outside of Aurora having some drinks, I over heard them talking about the gaming business and all were complimenting the digs and vibes at Crown Macau.

I toured the casino floors twice, once during dinner rush and again after midnight. The noodle house and buffet (I don't recall the names) were both open and neither appeared to be particularly busy. The casino wasn't particularly busy, there were players at tables on all the floors, but the lower two seemed to have more action. I was the only person in the slots area stupid enough to be wasting time and money playing the Gems Wild Tiles game that the Five Hundys like so much (FWIW, my opinion of Gems Wild Tiles is the opposite of theirs.) It should be noted that all the slots at Crown Macau are server based, ashtrays are mounted to the sides of the machines and there was no drink service. I did not see any cleaning crew wiping machines or emptying ashtrays as they did at Venetian every 30 minutes.

I spent some time at a little bar they have on Casino L3 way in the corner and ordered a drink from an extremely inexperienced bartender. Judging from his helpless attempts at making a white russian, one can assume that the bar isn't a high volume operation. We chatted a little bit and I let it slip that my job was to write hotel reviews, instantly a tray of nuts arrived at my table, pillows were placed behind my head and I was invited to enjoy the flat screen TV in the other room. Not being a big fan of the toob I passed but did engage in more chit-chat with the bartender. He told me that he started this job a month or two ago having moved here from Malaysia for the opportunity. I asked him what Crown's is like on weekends and he said the casino is packed with players... I was seeing a typical mid-week, late night crowd - relatively thin. On the top floor of the casino, there is a VIP area that had a bunch of players at the tables, most of which, I believe were baccarat. The minimums were HK$500 and up.

I hope that this will give y'all some idea what's going on at Crown Macau, business wise.


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