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Macau Travel for the Tech Dork

If you travel internationally a lot, there are a lot of basic questions that need to be asked before you venture out on a trip. How much is the whole thing gonna cost (in what currency)? How am I going to get to my destination (and back)? Do I need to bring a language book? What is the weather like? Real basic stuff, but still incredibly important.

Simple right? Well... at least until you add a layer of technical complexity to the whole affair. What kind of AC plugs are there to recharge my gizmos - laptop, phone, camera batteries, iPod? Do I need to buy an adapter to connect to the local power grid? Will this adapter blow up my hard earned collection of silicon wonderment? Will my phone have any coverage? Will the roaming rates be insane? Should use Skype / hotel internet connections for phoning home?

After doing a little research i found the following:

China (and Macau) use the USA standard electrical plug.
T-Mobile roaming rates are insane... i'm going Skype - whether or not hotel wireless networks block Skype usage remains to be seen.

I procured a new base model MacBook for the trip and got a great deal through an Apple connection. I usually bring Miss Monkay's laptop on trips, but she's going to need it while I'm in Macau. Now if only I can get such a deal on one of those fancy ass iPhones (drool).


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