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Home Sweet Home

The flight to (and from) Hong Kong to Los Angeles (with stopover in Tokyo) is unbelievably long. I woke up at 4am HK time, checked out of the Holiday Inn at 5am, took a cab to the Airport Express at 5:30, checked into my flight at the train station at 5:45, caught the Express to Hong Kong Airport at 6, ate some BK breakfast at 6:30, bought some cuban cigars from the duty free at 7:00, smoked one at 7:15, boarded the plane at 7:40, departed for Tokyo at 8:15, landed in Tokyo at about noon, departed for Los Angeles at 2:30pm, arrived in L.A. 12 hours later, customs and baggage claim for another hour, then into the arms of my lovely wife shortly thereafter. She brought the dog to the airport too, who was very excited to see me and licked my face and generally had a spaz attack.

We made a quick pitstop to fill up the gas tank then drove to Peets Coffee on Sunset Blvd to get a steaming cup of my favorite joe. We were met there by a bunch of friends, including tdinka, cici, d-machine. mrs. bean and cherrioh. it was great to be surrounded by some of my posse again and have some raucous conversation (in English!). I was a bit taken aback when the lady at Peets told me my coffee would cost $1.98... i've been shelling out HK$100 as tips so a two dollar cup of joe seems like a bargain.

Before I get too far ahead of myself, the airline entertainment featured three Vegas related items. "Lucky You" the romantic comedy set on the world of high stakes poker starring my ex-girlfriend Drew Barrymore and a bunch of cameos by various poker pros. Also on the plane was "Next" an adaptation of Phillip K. Dick's 'The Golden Man' starring Nicholas Cage (who was great in Valley Girl) as Frank Cadillac, a half-baked Vegas magician who has the power to see two minutes into the future. I watched both of them, and I wouldn't really recommend either unless you love Vegas flicks no matter how bad.

Lastly was a featurette entitled "Art of Architecture" which profiles various architectural trends in Chicago, Los Angeles and Las Vegas. The Vegas segment featured interviews with the architect of New York-New York and discussed 'theme resorts' at great length. At one point the host referenced 'the 90's' so I'm guessing that this show is really old footage. They also talked about Luxor being next to Excalibur - no mention of Mandalay Bay, so I'll pin this as definitely pre 1999. Thanks for the old news folks....why not replay the first OJ Simpson trial while your at it. Anyways, I enjoyed seeing America's Las Vegas, no matter how dated the content was.

It didn't take but 5 minutes after I arrived on Sunset Blvd to have yet another celebrity sighting... a pretty big one at that too. Will Ferrell, looking quite curly haired and incognito with a blonde who I assume is his wife Viveca Paulin. They were casually browsing some magazines at Book Soup, a bookshop which has been in countless movies. I went up to Will and said "I just flew in from Macau and boy are my arms tired!" to which he replied "get the fuck away from me asshole." Ok, that didn't happen, at least the conversation part, but I did see him.

All nonsensical digressions aside, I'm back in the looney house and am about to unpack my bags to take stock of all the booty I've acquired from the hotels. The holy grail? A printed ceramic Venetian Macao ashtray... just like the old school ones but this one is very Chinese looking. Woo hoo!

I'm gonna crash out for a coupla hours then begin the process of uploading all of the Macau information to the database. Hopefully I'll be able to gets some kind of version of the site up in the next week or so. The hotel reviews including a ton of photos and the video walkthroughs will follow shortly thereafter. Busy busy busy!

One last thing... I will be a guest on Hunter's podcast this Sunday evening at 6pm PT. This will be a live call in/discussion show using TalkShoe technology. Hunter is going to grill me with questions for the first 1/2 hour then it will open for discussion afterwards. If you have any interest in hearing my Michael Jackson sound-alike voice streamed live into your steamy dungeon of sin via the interweb you should definitely participate. Hunter will be posting login instructions as it gets closer to show time.

Until later...


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