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CotaiTripping (Part 1): St. Regis, Shangri-La, Sheraton and Wynn Cotai

After checking in at the Venetian and doing a half-lap of its massive casino I decided to hit the pavement to take some photos and check out the status of the many resorts that are under construction on the Cotai Strip. Here's a crudely drawn map of the the route I took (in yellow). The orange spots are where the photos below were taken and the blue shading should give you a general idea of the direction the camera was facing. Anal retentive much? Yeah... i'm a dork when it comes to details. Speaking of details, I apologize in advance for the quality of some of the photos, I'm not known for operating a camera very well.

My Cotai Strip walk started outside of the Venetian Macao, where I hung a left walked north about 40 yards to get a good view of the Shangri La, Traders, Sheraton and St. Regis construction sites.

Shangri La, Traders, Sheraton and St. Regis

Six boutique hotels are going up on the east side of the Cotai Strip, all of which will have casinos operated by Las Vegas Sands, the parent company of the Venetian. The individual hotel companies will own and operate the hotel portion, the Venetian gets the casino. Moooooo. Did you hear that? That's the sound of a cash cow off in the distance. I'm not exactly sure which building is which, mostly because the renderings that have been released by Las Vegas Sands don't match the map layout they've published. My best guess is the green one is Shangri La (the three pillars match the photo and the rendering) and the yellow is the Sheraton. The renderings show this order: St. Regis, Shangri La, Sheraton and a fourth tower, presumably Traders. The photos on the construction site privacy walls show (north to south) St. Regis, Shangri La and Traders together, and Sheraton has two towers. As i've said numerous times, finding accurate information about what the hell is going on in Macau is a never ending nightmare. I didn't expect it to get more confusing after vising the damn place! The renderings, the map and the actual photos all tell three different stories!

So, I just downloaded Las Vegas Sands' most recent presentation at a Barclay's bank meeting and they put the Traders Hotel behind the Shangri La. The order of resorts, north to south is St. Regis, Shangri La [Traders], Sheraton [two towers]. So, I was right... the green is Shangri-La (three columns match the rendering) and yellow the north tower of the Sheraton (the sloping bottom). Both of these towers are currently marked at floor 5.

Side Bar: Wynn Cotai?

If you go back a coupla posts to the panoramic photo I took from my suite, you'll see the area behind the current construction sites. It is somewhere out here that Wynn Cotai will be. One would think that Wynn might want land right on the water, but a chunk of that land will be a new ferry terminal, and just south of the Macau Dome is an incredibly ugly power plant looking thing. This leads me to believe that Wynn may have the plot of land that will be across the street from the ferry terminal, next to the water, south of Macau University, to the east of City of Dreams. This is pure speculation, but I don't believe Steve Wynn would build on the water a) next to a ferry terminal b) with resort rooms having the beautiful view of a power plant. If anything Wynn Resorts would want to position themselves adjacent to City of Dreams, taking into account how smokin' hot and elegant Crown Macau is.


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