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Venetian Macao Suite

Here's a coupla quick pix of the suite before I head out. I'll be back later for some more updates from the Cotai Strip.

The Bed

Same basic idea as the Venetian Las Vegas, but with more Asian furnishings. The bed looks to be about two feet shorter than a standard king size bed. In all honesty, the mattress might be 5 long feet from head to toe. It will be interesting to see if all 6'+ of me fits up in it.

Sink and Amenities

Different packaging than the Venetian Las Vegas. The box in the back has Q-tips, Cotton pads, Shower cap, Cloth hair tie (very cool), emeryboard, a gigantic toothpick looking thing and a sewing kit.

The Tub / Shower

Also, nearly identical to the Vegas version, a little smaller and a little less opulent, but shiny and brand new!

More reports on the Venetian's casino and restaurants forthcoming!


Comments & Discussion:

These room look completely identical to the Vegas version. I would never know the difference. Nice or McHotel-ish?

I'd say nicer over all, but that could be because its brand new. Quality wise-there are some obvious cut corners and some bits and pieces that are a little sloppy. Over all though, much nicer than Venezia tower.

kinda my biggest ding on the venetian in vegas was that it was a little old and "used" feeling. if macau's is nice and new, i think i'd feel like the venetian would be a very fine place to stay. (price dependent, of course)

the venetian's vegas suite decor is long in the tooth. all of their rooms will be getting refurbished after the palazzo opens in december.

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