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Crown Macau - Holy Crap!

The rooms aren't just a fluke, this whole joint is designed to the nines. I spent some time exploring the place including all the restaurants, the spa/pool, and the casino and i've got to say I've never seen anything like this place ever. Every square inch of this joint has been given some serious detail work and a glossy hip and clever polish.

Crown Macau occupies one relatively small block in what might be considered 'downtown Taipa'. There are two SJM casinos on either side of Crown, the Greek Mythology Casino inside the New Century Hotel - a low rent, yet fun Macau version of Caesars Palace where time stopped in 1972 - and Casino Taipa a 12 table joint that really isn't worth mentioning other than to the completists out there who want to know everything.

The structure on the bottom left behind the LED board is 5 levels of casino with a few lounges, restaurants and a buffet thrown in the mix. The tower is all hotel rooms... all of which face downtown Macau.

The Spa at Crown Macau is located on Level 12 and features a full menu of treatments, a complimentary fresh juice bar, exercise center with personal trainer and an indoor infinity pool that overlooks downtown Macau.

There are two floors of restaurants at Crown Macau - Level 10 & 11. Level 11 features a gorgeous traditional Japanese tea house with breathtaking views and stunning decor. Across the hall is Yang a Chinese restaurant with more beautiful views and elegant, modern design. Level 10 features the lovely Aurora restaurant which has a beautiful rooftop lounge with a fanstastic view of downtown Macau off in the distance and Ki Ka which also flows out into the rooftop in with walkways over a 2 inch deep reflecting pool. Stunning.

This place is gorgeous and the employees are the nicest folks this side of Thailand - or any side for that matter. Everyone I've spoken to invited me into their restaurants, gave me a tour, let me take photos the whole schmear. Frankly astounding. The vibes here make Wynn Macau seem old school... stodgy if you will. In the competition of which of the newer crop of resort is the better joint in Macau - Crown Macau wins by a quarter mile. I really can't believe this place and my interest in the coming Crown Las Vegas project has exploded.

That's not to say that Crown Macau is flawless, because there are some navigational aspects of the resort that definitely need some rethinking. the main one - and a pretty darn big one too - is traversing from the casino to the hotel tower. To get from the casino from the hotel, one has to get to level 5 and walk across the casino floor to another lift to take you up into the hotel tower. Now this wouldn't be big deal, but level 5 is quasi VIP and when I tried to get up from 4 to 5 using the escalators, both escalators were going down from 5... blocking the non-beautiful people (including one of the beautiful people) from getting up there. I had to two options - get on the lift on Level 4 to Level 5, and walk across the casino to the hotel tower elevator. The other option was to take the casino elevator to the street level, leave the casino, walk outside around the corner and re-enter the joint the same way the bell hop took me... go to the 38th floor, walk through reception, get on the hotel tower lift, go down two floors and walk to my room. Holy shit! What a nightmare! The one saving grace of that extended trek is that everyhting you walk by is outta sight beautiful.

I'm really glad I was able to squeeze Crown Macau into the trip... very well worth the extra Patacas and look forward to visiting again next time I make a barnstorming trip through Macau.


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