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88 Days To Macau: Episode 11 - Live at the Sands

88 Days To Macau Podcast

88 Days To Macau: Episode 11 - Live at the Sands

Live from the Copa room at the Sands... no really, we're at Copa at The Sands Macao. A note - we recorded a great episode (#10) but the audio was supremely bunked up by interference from a shorting ballast in my room at Encore (!!!!). Hunter describes the audio quality as "unlistenable." Might post it anyways at some point.

John has left Macao and is in the Hong Kong airport. Hunter is packing and prepping to leave. I just ate breakfast and am about 30 minutes away from hopping the shuttle from Sands Macao to the Macau International Airport.

This trip has been incredible... can't wait to start sharing my experiences and the thousands of photos I've taken. Wow Macau.

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You should all see Manila once they complete their version of Macau. City of Dreams Manila and Solaire are stunning, but they are smaller compared to Cotai resorts

Come to Japan, guys. I was hoping by now they'd have legalized casino gambling and Wynn Tokyo Bay would be under construction, but it looks like that won't be happening anytime soon.

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