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Wow Crown Macau!

After a quick cab ride from Wynn over the Macau-Taipa bridge, I arrived at Crown Macau. A bellhop greeted me curbside, grabbed my bags from the trunk of the Taxi and hustled me into an elevator that whisked us up to the 38th floor. Huh? Reception on the 38th floor? Well, that kinda makes sense, 38th floor - 3 8, 888, the Chinese equivalent of 777. The elevator opened up to an expansive reception area with a beautiful view of downtown Macau including MGM, Wynn, the Lisboas and Star World. The reception staff was incredibly pleasant and treated me like I was a celebrity. After check in was complete, the reception attendant and the bell hop escorted me to the elevator, down to Level 36 and down the hall to room 3603.

Purple, the receptionist, showed me how the key card thingy works and opened the door. The key card works more like an access badge, you wave it near the door handle instead of inserting it credit card style. We walked in and she gave me a tour of the room, pointing out many of the features and amenities including the tv embedded in the bathroom mirror, the large japanese tub that looks like a giant tea cup, the toilet, minibar and business center. She asked me if the room met with my expectations and whether or not there was anything I needed... all I could think of was an ethernet cable for internet access (free!). She took note of my request and left with the bell hop.

I was concerned that Crown Macau might pale in comparison after two nights at Wynn Macau. If anything, the opposite has happened - at least in terms of the accomodations. I now know, without a doubt, the difference between a five star and six star hotel. Crown Macau is, by far, the best hotel I've ever stayed in. The modern, yet comfortable room is cleanly designed, easy use, fun to explore and absolutely exquisite. The amenities are generous but not over done and the decor is of the highest quality and design. In a word, WOW.

Frankly, I don't really know where to start when describing this room. A lot of highly critical articles have been written in the business press about cost overruns during Crown Macau's construction and how many of the features promised at opening (two months ago) were unfinished. It is extremely apparent when exploring this room where the extra expenditures of money and time went. The detailed design and hand crafted furnishings of this room really are astounding.

The room's layout is smart, elegant, well furnished, tasteful and uses all of its space incredibly. The interior design was done by Peter Remédios, who has designed rooms for the top tier of hotel companies and architectural firms, including Hilton, Hyatt, St. Regis, Shangri-La and Starwood. Note the Japanese style teacup tub, with controls acessible through an opening in the glass shower room enclosure. The far wall is hand masoned stone work. Yeah. This probably took an eternity to construct and it shows. The shower features a rainfall head as well as a shower wand. The water drains through a hardly noticeable slope in the floor into a small trough that is directly below the shower controls. The glass enclosure looks out into the living room/bedroom/desk area and has a motorized shade if you'd like some privacy.

The throw on the end of the bed is cashmere, mattress pillow top, iHome iPod docking station (with an external speaker located in the bathroom), decorative sconses with embedded lighting, cloth headboard that extends to the ceiling and over the bed, a combination of carpeted and hardwood flooring and a ton of more design goodies.

Of course, we will be publishing a full review of this room on MacauTripping, including video walkthrough when I return.


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The phones in the photos looked to be Cisco IP phones. Is that true? If so it is odd to see those in a hotel room.

yes eagle eye, they're the cisco 7961 series... stalwart of offices and some hotels everywhere.

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