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The Villas At Encore Macau

Check this out... a short video containing six professionally shot vignettes taken from the inside of one of the Villas at Encore Macau. These Villas are not listed on the Wynn Macau website, but are mentioned (barely) in press materials from opening week.

These definitely appear to have "official" Wynn provenance even if the YouTube account that posted them is not.

Encore Macau Villa Photos

Elevator Landing

The first vignette shows the elevator landing, marked L18. Encore Macau's hotel tower has 40 floors. Is the top floor villa level L18?

Encore Macau Villa Photos

Entry Foyer

Classic Roger Thomas Salon Suite layout, although I'm very surprised at the darker, woodsy color scheme since the other Encore suites are outrageously red.

Encore Macau Villa Photos

Living Room

I suspect this is one of the many living spaces in this massive Villa. The density of patterns makes me wonder if the villa designs at Encore Macau were one of the last designs made before Roger Thomas adopted his current, avant-subtle creme design language.

Encore Macau Villa Photos

Dining Room

Classic Wynn parlor/salon styling. The hounds tooth moves from the wall (at Encore Las Vegas) to the floor.

Encore Macau Villa Photos


Enclosed shower room, stand alone tub, sconce mounted to the mirror. Wow.

Encore Macau Villa Photos


Chinoserie in design, deed and language. Wow. The pop-up tv console at the foot of the bed features asian filigree and a tassel on the back.

The mirror frame doorway and artwork in the Wynn Macau VIP Junket Room now have a lot more context... it all seems like one room.

Certainly is some interesting and somewhat perplexing design stuff in here. Definitely, not what I would have expected.


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Stunning images. But maybe a tad too busy?

I agree. JohnH brought up the possibility that these may have been designed by Jerry Beale during Roger Thomas' temporary retirement. Very astute.

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