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Wynn Macau Day Two

I stayed up entirely too late last night. As predicted, I slept right through Hunter's Podcast Gabfest. One of the topics for discussion in his McLaughlin Group style chat show was Macau and some commentary orbiting around the shenanigans I've been up to over here. You can download the thing here. The first 20 minutes or so is a lot of sound checks and off the cuff banter, entertaining for sure, but if you just want the Soleil minus the Cirque, jump ahead to the 20 minute mark or so.

After I finally got my shit together I popped into the Wynn Signature shop to snag some batteries and then had some breakflunch at the Terrace Pointe look-alike "Cafe Esplanada." Overall the experience was good, food was 'ok' - not great - but good and the service was pretty damn slow. Compared to other joints in Macau? It was great. Compared to what I've come to expect from Wynn Las Vegas... not so great. I'll go a little deeper into the Cafe Esplanada exprience in a future report.

After lunchfast, I made a list of all the shit I had to do today and plotted a route that would knock em all out. Since this is the last day I am going to spend in the 'Downtown Macau' I had to tie up some final bits of research and snap a grip of pics, hit a bunch of casinos, look at some hotels, find an English speaking pit boss to explain some of the games to me, and most majorly... spend a good chunk of time at the Sands Macao.

Of course I had to stop by the pool first. Ah the Wynn Macau pool. Frankly, at least today, it's a mess. I managed to get some good shots, but all of the large planters are empty or being redone, there are pots and dirt and electrical cords strewn about. Various man hole covers open, sections closed, things roped off. Obviously the pool is undergoing some kind of transformation. Who knows what they're going to do, but, as a guest a simple sign that says "Guests, we are currently blah blah blah our pool, we welcome you to enjoy it anyways." I get the impression that the current state of the pools surrounding areas will be completely re-done in the next year or so. There's a lot of dead design areas and vibe vacuums that just don't seem or feel right. As for the pool itself... it looks great. I took a ton of photos which I'm going to hook up into some kind of gallery thing when I get back.

So I bounced from the pool and hit the road in search of baccarat. I wonder if I'll be able to find any here in this town called Macau.


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that picture of the pool makes it look mah-ve-lous to me...

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