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Viva Macau! (Part Deux)

And so it begins... again.

Eight and a half years ago, on July 15 2007, I wrote and published the first blog post for MacauTripping. The plan was simple, in three months I would learn as much as I could about Macau - who owns what casino, what the hell am I going to do, where am I going to stay, how I would get there and when I would go.

I spent 10 days in Macau, exploring, photographing and hotel hopping, writing multiple diary entries every day, sharing my observations and experiences. Anyone remember the time I snarfed on the guy at Hotel Lisboa lobby? Or those mind-meltingly gorgeous hotel rooms at the former Crown Resort in Taipa? Or how about when I pooped my pants in the hallway at Wynn Macau, minutes after checking out of my room?

With tons of new resorts open and a bunch more on the way, the time is ripe to fire up the jets for another globetripping run through Asia's Las Vegas.

I've circled late April/Early May of 2016 on my calendar, roughly three weeks after Wynn Palace opens. There ain't nothing like that new casino smell.

Let's go to Macau!



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OMG, OMG, OMG, where do I sign up??

Seriously though, I'd love to head over. Not 100% sure if the dates will work out for us. Mrs. Crapshooter is playing the the WSOP in 2016. If we can swing it, we'll be there. Dinner is on us!

To @ccs and everyone else who has asked. JOIN ME!

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