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Sheldon's Goose

With the U.S. President Barack Obama now re-elected, the eyes of one journalist has turned to the man who funded challenger Mitt Romney's campaign, Sands Chairman Sheldon Adelson.

The U.S.'s National Broadcasting Company raises long lingering questions about Adelson's connection to organized crime, prostitution and other unsavory (?) sins while also indicting Macau via the old Jane Russell flick. Like, the coulda chosen the new James Bond film Skyfall as that has a few unsavory scenes in Macau (as imagined on a London soundstage) as did Roger Moore Bond chestnut The Man with the Golden Gun.

I always find it quite funny when newsies covering a gambling mecca talk about prostitution in such scornful tones. The prostitutes in Macau are everywhere, even more plentiful than craps tables. Same goes for Vegas. Perhaps one of Sheldon's minions asked for a slice off the top as part of a real estate agreement - you get to rent one mobile space the size of a small Asian woman for HK$XXXX per month. But imagine if Sands made a corporate-wide agreement - only the girls of a certain gang can work his properties and the gang pays a percentage of the aggregate to keep the Sands' security goons to look the other way.

Sheldon is a land lord. He rents convention space. He rents hotel rooms to conventioneers. He rents space at casino tables. Why not rent mobile shopping shopping stalls to individuals and or corporations in the aggregate?


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