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Sex, Drugs and Dim Sum

I know for a few of you here, music is your life. And some of that few, Hong Kong and Macau brings to mind a tinny sound track from a Bruce Lee movie. Which leads to a question, in a chain known for memorabilia, what is at Hard Rock Macau? Sure, there are usual international/US stars, but what about local flavor? Here is a selection of the stars featured at the Hard Rock Macau you can't find down the street:

Ladies and Gentlemen! Mr. Jacky Cheung!

Yes a marquee star for Hong Kong and the rest of southern China. Yes, it's more Barry Manilow than Marilyn Manson. Let's go to the next on the list, BoA!

Somehow "BoA" is supposed to mean "Beat of Angel", as if that explains it. For something better for an encore I suggest this duet with M-Flo.

We are now pleased to present Singapore's Dick Lee!

That name always made me giggle. Frankly though I wish it was Lee Ving. Now out comes Sober!

Not sure how I feel about them, first I heard of them. Now for something that might be more appropriate, Rebuilding The Rights Of Statues!

Good to see them balance out the offering a bit. And now if you like 80's music I am sure you will enjoy Thailand's Asanee Wasan!

To close out tonight's show, something that has nothing to do with the Hard Rock. I got to bring up a Lady Gaga clones video I uncovered. Hope you enjoy:

Or if you want real shock value, explain this group.


Comments & Discussion:

BoA is incredibly popular in Korea and attempted (mostly unsuccessfully) to break into the American market a couple years ago.

BoA sounds like Shakira mixed with Rick Astley. That Sober video makes me think that someone's been watching too many Oasis videos (There's definitely a Wonderwall vibe to that video.).

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