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Hotel Lan Kwai Fong - Turd Polishing Done Right

Ah... the three simple syllables that will set any Hong Kong denizen's pulse racing "Lan" "Kwai" and "Fong". It's a little square road of bars and clubs staring at an artificial cliff face. And to get there, you usually have to trudge up a neon lined hill abuzz with excitement. A journey that is hard to re-create, let alone beat.

A name carrying such gravitas for style and parties is due to be used by others. There are at least two "Lan Kwai Fong" boutique-type hotels. SJM of Macau, no stranger to "borrowing" successes, has gotten into the game by remodeling their former hotel/casino The Kingsway into Hotel Lan Kwai Fong. While this author has not visited, there are still before and after photos.

First the Hotel Kingsway before:

Casino Kingsway

Ah the 70's. At some places they are coming back, at the hotel Kingsway they never left. I swear I saw a movie starring John Holmes in a room at the Kingsway, probably with one of the middle-aged cocktail waitress in the oh-so-sexy orange aprons. John left that stain in the corner.

Now, let's see the complete 180 done on this property over the past couple years. The new Hotel Lan Kwai Fong Macau restaurant, bar, hotel room, sushi bar and casino.

Whoa! Now that's a change. If SJM fixes all their other decrepit properties this way, there may be some serious competition for the mid-to-lower markets in Macau. Great job SJM.


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Whoa, is that a craps table I see in the casino pic? Honey, call the airline, we are going to Macau!

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