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Casino Games Offered In Macau

Casino Games Offered in Macau

Black Jack
Paikao (Pai Gow)
Three Card Poker - you know the drill.
Mahjong Paikao (Pai Gow) - Pai Gow tiles.
Cussec - a variation on Sic-Bo
Boule - similar to roulette. There is a wheel with 18 slots, numbered 1-9 (twice) and color coded black (8), red (8) and yellow (2). 1,3,6,8 are black, 2,4,7,9 are red, 5 is yellow. The dealer spins the wheel, activates the ball and wherever the ball lands is the winner. On the table layout, the players bet on individual numbers, black, red, High combination 1-2-3-4, Low combination 6-7-8-9, plus odd combination 1-3-7-9, and even combination "2-4-6-8". Payouts for straight up numbers is 7-1, Odd, Even, High, Low, Red and Black all pay 1-1.
Fish-Prawn-Crab - a relative of the classic Chuck-a-Luck game that you can find over by the escalator to the gift shops at New York-New York. Six Dice, with symbols depicting a Fish, Prawn, Crab. The player bets on certain combinations to come out, a la craps.
Three Card Baccarat - simplified baccarat table game.
Pachinko - A combination of a pinball game and slot machine. The object is to shoot as many small balls into a specific slot on the machine. Somewhat like Plinko from Price is Right.
Tombola - an Italian raffle game that is a relative of keno and bingo.
Lucky Wheel - Same as Big Six.
Football Poker - I have no idea what this is.
Slot Machines - you know the drill.
Stud Poker - There are no poker rooms in Macau, so this is probably Video Poker.
Q Poker - I have no idea what this is.
Casino War - Same game Clark Griswold played at the Klondike.


Number of gaming tables and slot machines in 2006

Gaming Tables 2,762
Slot Machines 6,546


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