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Bing! You're Updated!

Here's something interesting, the map section of the Bing! search engine has a more recent aerial picture of Macau's Cotai area. Judging from the construction in the photos, I estimate the pictures are circa mid-to-late 2007. I took the time to highlight some of key areas. Blue is existing construction. Green is for ongoing construction, supposedly to be opened next year. Orange is empty or close to empty area. The red areas are areas in some sort of limbo.


The current bitch-slapping contest between SJM and LVS is over a prime piece of real estate. One can see LVS' reserved plots of land and be reminded of Harrah's ownership of a large section of the strip. The plot they are fighting over will certainly become a high traffic area once the whole of Cotai is developed, the loss of which would weaken Sands near monopoly on the main drag.

The map backs up some of past observations about the Wynn property that are hard to explain without visuals. Itís not the expected rectangular-ish plot. There is a puzzle piece cut from the corner. That piece has a sub-station for Macau's electric company, along with a blank piece of land. The peculiar nature of the puzzle piece and the road layout makes me wonder if the road is actually Wynn's. Making a private Wynn themed road to enter the casino certainly sounds like a Wynn move. Meanwhile, the main entrance will likely be opposite the south east corner of the City of Dreams. That corner will also be the expected station for to-be-built Macau metro system.

Meanwhile to the east/right of the Wynn plot is another recently reclaimed piece of the sea. It is not developed much in this picture, but the area is now fully filled. The north end is used as part of the airport, but that use seems temporary. Not marked, or not on the map, are other fills or possible fills. If you wonder north on the Bing! Website you will also see the rather large fill now separating the MGM Grand Macau from the sea, waiting to be parceled out.

For the ownership of the rest of the map, take a look at our previous Cotai maps.


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