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In At Wynn Macau

This morning I checked out of Hotel Lisboa and headed over to Wynn Macau. I dragged my stuff out of Lisboa, down the stairway into the tunnel that crosses underground to Wynn Macau. I noticed that there isn't any access for people with disabilities. No ramps or elevators for wheelchairs, and only some staircases have escalators. If you use wheelchairs, mobility devices, walkers or crutches, getting around downtown Macau will be occasionally problematic if not sometimes impossible. Hopefully, Wynn Resorts and MGMMirage will suggest solutions to the government of Macau to institute ADA-like standards to areas that get a lot of tourist traffic. On the way through the tunnel, I stumbled across a pile of discarded Macanese pornslapper flyers which Tim at Five Hundy jokingly requested I send to him in lieu of a postcard. Well, he got lucky... and will soon have a phone number to get him lucky again should he ever come to Macau without his entertainingly witty wife Michele. And his morals. And a death wish to be carried out by Michele should he engage in such behavior. And... CUT!

Check in at Wynn was a breeze and the Concierge told me that my room was ready! Woo hoo! No wandering around staring at stuffed peacocks. They hooked me up with a corner room - which I've seen photos of - with a view of StarWorld / MGM Grand from one window and President and Kem Pek Casinos out the other. The bell hops would also bring my bags up to the room while I took a look around. Wynn service nails it yet again.

I spent an hour or so walking around downstairs exploring the shops and restaurants that aren't inside of the casino's metal detector barriers. I haven't had the time to form any fully realized opinions, but in general Wynn Macau is a comfortable, boutique version of Wynn Las Vegas. There are many similarities between the resorts, yet Wynn Macau seems to be a bit subtler, calmer and quieter.

The room is very similar to the Resort Tower at Wynn Las Vegas, yet much much much more spacious. The decor and amenities are top notch and have a bunch of additions that are fantastic. First off, there is a 120v plug as well as the three pronged 220v plugs, an iHome iPod dock, full tea service set, umbrella, complimentary shoe shine, a Wynn Macau comb, toothbrush, shaving kits, cotton puffs, Q-tips, wired and wireless internet (US$20 per day - StarWorld and Lisboa both were free), a decidedly Asian array of snacks and booze in the mini-bar, flat panel tv's in the bedroom as well as bathroom and a delivery of a bowl of fresh fruit to the room an hour or two after check in. Killer.

I've already taken a ton of photos of the hotels public areas as well as of the room. Here's a couple to get your vibe on:

The Lucky Red Chandelier in Wynn Macau's Lobby

The Lobby Carpeting

Rain Drizzles on the Camel Statue

Hotel Tower Hallway Carpeting - Same as Resort Tower at WLV

Wynn Macau Dream Bed is a bit firmer than the WLV Dream Bed

Cafe Esplanada = Terrace Point Las Vegas

I also managed to order some room service and ate dinner via Skype video call with Mrs. Mo. I read her the room service menu and restaurant descriptions (usually the first thing she does when we check into a room) and she picked out an incredibly large array of food she wanted me to taste and describe to her. Highlights include - chicken congee soup (a rice porridge kinda thing... very gooey), Macanese Egg Tart dessert, a Black Russian, Turkey Club w/Fries, fruit cup, a pot of coffee (I've been dying for some good joe since I've arrived) and a Pussy Foot, which is a boozeless fruity drink kinda like a Shirley Temple. When the food arrived, I put the laptop on the other end of table and showed her all the food she ordered for me. She snapped dozens of screenshots during the massive tasting festival. We had a great time and our dog and cat both made appearances on the screen... a little touch of home here at the almost half-way point of the trip. It is amazing that with technology we can share room service from 1/2 way around the world. Everything was delicious and now I'm about to head back downstairs to procure some batteries for the camera since my recharger seems to have blown up then hit the casino for a little root'n'toot'n.

Thanks to y'all who've been posting comments lately, I was feeling that I was reporting all this stuff in a vacuum for a while. It really makes me happy to see that a bunch of the VT folks have bounced over here to follow the excursion. Thank you!

Now, I'm gonna go get my gamble on. Later gaters.


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Loving the reports, as if you needed me to say that.Of course, I'm probably most interested in this segment of your journey.You've got me planning my Macau trip again in my head.

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