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Encore at Wynn Macau Opens

The wait is over, Encore at Wynn Macau will open later today. To help celebrate the occasion, Wynn Resorts has released six posed photographs of the resorts interior, which we've posted below.

Encore at Wynn Macau Hotel Tower

You'll notice that this photo and all of the ones that follow have been heavily photoshopped. Where's Stanley?

Encore at Wynn Macau Porte Cochere

The Encore porte cochere.

Encore at Wynn Macau Lobby

The Encore hotel lobby. Mirrors with crystal rocks coming out the walls. Lime green table. A painting of jellyfish. Two potted plants straight from Home Depot. What a mess.

Encore at Wynn Macau Porte Cochere

The Bar Cristal. Looks like a waiting vestibule at a high end funeral parlor. Nothing about this room says 'come on in, sit down and have a drink.'

Encore at Wynn Macau Grand Salon

And now, the Grand Salon suite which, if you look at the faux Macau skyline in the back, would make one believe that this hotel was built at a 20 degree angle to the ground. Enterprising scholars will notice many of the same accoutrements, artwork and finishes found in the some of the Apartments and Villas at Encore and Wynn Las Vegas.

Encore at Wynn Macau Bedroom

Finally, the bedroom. The use of red stained wood finish is a new one, but most of the rest of this stuff we've seen in one form or another in the larger, non standard - Wynn / Encore suites.


Comments & Discussion:

Well, Encore DOES cater to local tastes... Chinese are kind of like the rappers in one respect; many of them (although by no means all) enjoy obvious displays of wealth and glitz etc. (often with a large emphasis on flashing, sparkling, bright colors etc). Exhibit A: The Grand Lisboa.

So I'm not surprise Encore went in this direction. Lots of red/pink (auspicious color) will hopefully trick high-rollers into thinking they'll have good luck etc.

I admit, I like the "Upscale Funeral Parlor" look in Bar Cristal, then again I'm gothic so that is no surprise at all. I admit the chunks of rock crystal sticking out of the wall in Encore's lobby are a touch excessive... its the kind of thing you'd expect in the Lisboa rather than a Wynn property. But hey, it could be worse.

Wynn is obviously going after Asian high-rollers rather than the international market (the old Wynn (and a countless number of other properties) does the international market). I can see the logic of his position.

I do think Macau is getting very top-heavy though. Wynncore, Altira and a large number of the hotels do cater to the high level luxury market. But then again the mid-market is mostly catering to day-trippers. Over time the day trippers may eventually get fond of multi-night stays, and the mid-tier properties and hotels will benefit from that in the long run.

I have to say, while I thought the choice of colors was garish at first, they've already started growing on me. The finishes are truly unparalleled. Glass blown chandeliers, breakable stuff--the kind of quality that, as Chuck already mentioned, takes cues from Apartments and Villas. There's definitely nothing "standard" about these suites.

My only disappointment is in the floor plan of the basic suite (now available on Wynn Macau's website). They really could have done something spectacular with 1100 square feet, but instead we get a larger proportioned Encore Las Vegas room with a proper door dividing the sections. The swiveling LCD, albeit cool, means someone on the sofa can't watch TV without disturbing their sleeping roommate. I don't have this complaint for Encore Las Vegas because it's a solid floor plan with 700 square feet to work with, but at 1100, they could have done much better.

On the bright side, with the placement of the closet adjacent to the private pooper, they've gotten rid of the superfluous bathroom space that tends to eat into a room's main areas. This has always been a complaint of mine for every Wynn property since Bellagio.

I absolutely adore the Grand Salon suites, though. The proper hallways are a luxurious touch.

It'll be interesting to see if they have these rooms in other, more subdued color schemes.

WOW! Wynn actually topped themselves again. Stunning, beautiful, gorgeous, fabulous and amazing, yet these words are not strong enough to describe the beauty of this property. Steve & Roger have done it again!




i cant stand flash...

so those are indeed the only 2 categories listed..

will be interesting to hear about villas/etc.

Pretty beautiful except for the standard Encore Macau rooms. They are the same as Encore in Vegas's layout. They should of done something like the parlor suite layout at Encore for the standard rooms. It seems like a waste of 1000 sq feet. Does anyone know if the bathrooms are more luxurious with jets and etc. In pics they look just like Encore Las Vegas.

Here's a video of the resort


just 4 villas...

i take it the chinese arent as big on giant villas with pools etc? so wynn did private casinos, but only 4?

wynn macau breakdown (600) >
- 360 deluxe room
- 100 grand deluxe room
- 120 one bedroom suite
- 20 lake suite & sky suite


encore >
"four 7,000-foot villas"

cotai >
"Wynn said the project, to be located in the territory's Cotai area, a piece of reclaimed land seen as the next great hope for global gambling, would likely feature less than 2,000 rooms, about 400 tables, restaurants, shopping and meeting rooms set across some 50 acres of lush gardens and landscape."

Are the butterflies around the bed headboard done somewhere else? I quite like that.

minvegas - in the encore apartment and also on the walls around the encore spa / salon

Apparently, that is a real tank full of jellyfish.

Another classic Steve-o property. Not sure I like the furniture in the lobby - Lime green? Wrong chairs in the crystal bar; otherwise I think it works.

odd thought >

chairs resemble those at kennedy center terrace restaurant

steve and elaine are reasonable donors, and steve is on the board

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