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Where to Find Hookers, Prostitutes and/or Working Girls in Macau

If you're traveling to Macau and want to spice up your Sic Bo with a little nookie on the side, you'll have no problem finding hookers to service you. I'll make it easy... one stop shopping that's probably easier than going to a drive-thru. Even if you're happily married and don't entertain the idea of prostitution this is still quite an entertaining way to spend 20 minutes.

Head on over to the shopping arcade on floor 2 of Casino Lisboa. Find the shop that sells fresh fruit and park it. Keep your eyes peeled for smokin' hot Asian girls wearing tight cocktail dresses carrying small sequin encrusted handbags. More often than not their dresses are low cut and they've got cleavage popping out. They tend to travel in sets of two and three, and occasionally stop at some of the eateries for some melon and cigarette breaks. If you don't look like you speak Chinese, they'll probably not approach you, but if you give 'em a wink and approach, they'll put out the word that they're for sale.

The girls start congregating at about 11am and come and go in waves, but i'd say mid afternoon and at about 1am are probably the best times to go fishing. I've watched about 10 hookups happen, and seen another five in the elevator and another 5 coming out of the elevator as I was going in. I'm pretty darn sure that prostitution is illegal here, but nobody at the Hotel Lisboa is even doing so much as pretend to discourage it.

So, head over to Casino Lisboa, find the fruit stand on the second floor and wait for the honeys to come squeeze your lemon. Tell 'em Chuckmonster sent ya and they'll give you a discount. Go get em tiger!


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And why would this be a surprise? After all hookers are so discrete in Vegas. Go sit at the B Bar or go to Tryst in The Wynn Hotel. Now times this by all the other Vegas spots.

Yeah Suzi, maybe i'm stupid for being surprised. In vegas the security at least makes some attempt to do the occasional shooing away. here, they practically encourage it. I'll bet that the hookers (and/or their pimps) here give a taste to the hotel to keep em in business.

that being said, I haven't seen any hookers since I checked in at Wynn Macau about 8 hours ago. I'll keep my eyes peeled though. :)

Go to the Golden Dragon Hotel is a good place for this kind of action. Go to the spa in the hotel.

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