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MGM Grand Paradise to IPO in 2010

MGM Mirage CEO Jim Murren spoke with Las Vegas Sun reporter Jon Ralston on Monday, primarily about the opening of CityCenter. On small tidbit to come out of the fourth segment of discussion was Murren mentioning plans to take MGM Grand Paradise public in early 2010.

Funds raised would go to reducing MGM Mirage's debt load, NOT to finish MGM Grand Macau phase II or begin the MGM Cotai project. For those who don't know, MGM Grand Paradise is the umbrella name for the MGM Mirage / Pansy Ho joint venture which owns MGM Grand Macau.

Watch the entire interview here.


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Chuck are you still with us? or have you changed Jobs? I keep coming back looking for news but no luck.

Macau Tripping what has happened to you?

Really not that much happening in Macau now.
Most people wondering where MPEL will get there money from this time, as they are running out of cash again and doing a secondary at the current share price would be suicide.

Looks like Chuck has given us the flick MacauVIP, he is probably like all the other westerners and gone to Singapore. Is there a Singapore tripping?

not the flic. chuck has been busy with the vegas stuff the last few months just like same time last year. we will return to our regularly scheduled programming in february, promise.

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