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Wynncore Macau Photo Update

Wynncore Macau is looking fabulous, and - thanks to our roving correspondent Ace Macau - we've got some great great great photos to prove it. Thanks Ace!

StarWorld, L'Arc, Wynn Encore

Galaxy StarWorld, L'Arc and Wynn Encore Macau (in a typically hazy Macau afternoon).

Wynn Encore Tower Macau

Encore Macau, east facing view. Notice the diamond lattice work, harkening back to the days when this was the Wynn Diamond tower and the diamond motif so prevalent at Encore Las Vegas.

Wynn Encore Tower Macau

Wynncore Macau from the west.

Wynn Encore Tower Macau

Detail view of Encore Macau's tower. It's kinda strange to see the bronze glass without the creme stripes.

In related news... Ace Macau sent us some detail photos of butterflies that have mysteriously appeared in Macau.

Macau Butterflies

Those are almost dead ringers for Encore Las Vegas' butterflies!

On the outside of Hotel Sintra!

Macau Butterflies

Are these part of the Borboa 1975 painting in the middle or a later addition? Oh Roger Thomas... do tell... did you steal these butterflies?!


Comments & Discussion:

IMHO The Steve should have had the diamond lattice on both sides of the tower. On the bright side, It's exciting to see a Wynn. styled building that doesn't look like WLV.

I agree, nice to see a change from the W/ELV curve and stripes, but to me the tower looks bland. A typical building with the wynn color and a decorated elevator core on one side. Would have been nice to maybe have covered both sides with a creme lattice against the solid curving chocolate glass. The sign also looks like an afterthought on the penthouse. Just seems too generic on the outside to be Wynn.

Let's face it - the Encore Tower is butt-ugly.

It also looks tiny. One surprisingly aspect of Wynn Macau when you are there in person is how small the main tower is compared to the Vegas model. It's like a mini-Wynn. The new tower looks even more diminutive.

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