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Steve Wynn Talks Encore

You gotta love the Wynn Resorts earnings call, if only to hear The Steve get passionately excited about whatever he is feeling passionate about.

In the middle of the call, Steve bellied up to the conference call microphone and dropped this bomb:

I've never been more serious in my life... the Encore hotel in Macau is the prettiest building of its kind in the world.

I don't believe there is a hotel tower - remotely close on this planet - to [the] 415 suites and villas that we are going to open up this spring. It is quite stunning.

The smallest room is 1000 sq. ft. Even the spas, the 8 spas, each one is an individual spa, as if you had your own spa.

The villas have their own casino rooms.

Everything about it is a result of all the wonderful lessons and experiences we have learned over the last seven years.

The Encore tower is going to give people a really clear insight into what we'll do next, and the level which we'll be operating in China.

There is no hard public date for Encore Macau's opening.


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It almost sounded to me like they've slowed down Encore Macau, so they can fund it as they go out of profits.

"The villas have their own casino rooms..."....sounds very interesting....!!

@arthurtran: Thats the same concept as in the Plaza Casino (Four Seasons). Just for the VIPs of the VIPs ;-)

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