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New Feature Posted : Hard Rock at City of Dreams Macau Review

Just a quick note to those tuned into the RSS and Twitter feeds, our dear friend and contributor Dramman recently returned from a stay at the Hard Rock at City of Dreams and brought back a ton of photos of what might very well be one of the biggest high budget hotel room failures in recent memory.

Check it out here Hard Rock Macau at City of Dreams Photo Review. Enjoy!

Our big huge thanks to Dramman for sharing his pix and for being one helluva great guy. Thanks Geo!


Comments & Discussion:

I hope COD is a lot better than the PATHETIC Hard Rock...Glad i sold Crown Shares.

The BUBBLE Show might have been a Freudian Slip regarding COD's Future.

Crown Macau was a Disaster! Hard Rock Disaster? COD...Last Chance?

Ive stayed at Wynn and loved it. Venetian i like because there is lots to do although its been a ghost town over the last 12 months.

I went and had a look at the new Lan Kwai Fong Hotel aka Kingsway and was quite surprised.
It's the first Chinese casino which actually got it right. The whole place is modern and the staff were unbelieveably friendly.
The casino itself is spread out well and even has a craps table.
The only thing I didnt like was the 10 feet high ceillings.
Definately worth a visit.

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