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City of Dreams Photo Peekaboos

With the opening of City of Dreams 11 days away, I figured that someone might have posted a couple of insightful photos to the Flickr.

We were right.

Flickr user Scott Weatherson posted two excellent photos of City of Dreams at night, with the lights on inside. Peeping toms curious about some of the interiors should definitely oogle this huge sized peekaboo inside.

Also interesting are two pics from inside of The Bubble. One from inside the Ji Xiang Yuan restaurant, one from the walkway out front (check out the sign on the left), and a pic of what looks like thumbdrive schwag from the media even they had.

Oh, and in case you were wondering... I'm extremely confident that Melco Crown/City of Dreams PR folks are purposefully ignoring our emails. I have no evidence as to why - particularly since they cooed and cuddled us a year ago - but my guess is that they didn't like our posting of the Altira logo and the name change information. Waaaah.


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