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MGM Grand Macau

Getting to Wynn from Lisboa isn't easy. At the western end of Ave de Amizade is a traffic circle and an unfinished public park extends eastward for about two blocks... all the way back up to StarWorld. So I made the hike all the way back towards StarWorld, across the street, then all the way back down to Wynn and into the lobby. Of course I didn't learn until later that there is an underground walkway that goes beneath the traffic circle straight to the Wynn side of the street. Duh.

I popped in to Wynn's lobby and waited for Lytton... he showed up about 10 minutes later, we exchanged business cards and walked to the MGMMirage offices which are on the east side of Dr. Carlos de Assumpciao Park. On the way we chatted about all sorts of stuff, including the coming MGM Grand Macau, One, Royal Arc, City Center and much much more.

We headed up to the MGMMirage offices where he showed me models of the MGM Grand Macau project including downtown Macau, and a model of MGM Grand Macau's version of Bellagio's Conservatory. This is going to be a truly fabulous hotel and I just wish it was open so I could visit while I'm here. But like Vegas, Macau is an evolving canvas that resorts are painted upon, then painted over... thats why people keep coming back. Lytton Ao was a superb host, incredibly smart, thoughtful and generous with his time and knowledge. We chatted for an hour or so, the details of which I will be writing up upon my return in to a mega photo feature. He walked me down to the lobby and we said our goodbye, hopefully we will meet again next time I come to Macau. Thank you Lytton!

I decided to walk down Assumpciao Park towards the Kun Iam statue, then down the waterfront to check out the progress of the MGM Grand construction site. I took a ton of photos, to the point where construction workers were laughing at me and mugging it up for the camera. The people of Macau are great fun and very friendly. Hopefully I will post some of these photos in the next day or two when I have some downtime. I ended up walking 1/3 of the way around Nam Van Lake to get pics, when I realized that I had reached the point of no return. If I kept going, I'd have to go all the way around the lake, considering it was hot as hell and incredibly humid, I decided to retrace my steps back to MGM Grand Macau, up a side street behind Wynn and shoot back to the hotel. I took a quick peek inside the Wynn Diamond Tower construction site and its a big muddy mess, also the North east entrance is just about completed, which will help spur better foot traffic from adjacent StarWorld.

I bee-lined back to Hotel Lisboa, drenched in humidity inspired sweat and ready for a big time break. I did stop for a couple of Wynn beauty shots as the sun reflected off the insignia. Tomorrow would be the first day since the start of the trip that I wasn't 'in transit' so I was ready for a little rest and decompression.

When I got back I uploaded all my photos, then wrote the previous post about Hotel Lisboa and it's embedded weirdness, ordered some room service, took a shower and wrote some more. It felt good to chill a little and listen to some English speaking news, even if it was about OJ Simpson breaking into a room at the Palace Station.

Later on, I headed out for another barn storming photo session and filled up my camera's memory card with neon freakouts and video of a group of Macanese having radio controlled car races out on the Plaza. With the camera full, I headed back to the room to empty it and check in with Mrs. Mo and some of the other peeps back home. I called it a night at about 3am and crashed out on another very firm, yet somewhat comfortable mattress. I'm looking forward to that Wynn Dream bed on Sunday.


Comments & Discussion:

Viva Macau!! I'm enjoying your posts and contemplating a possible trip out there next year. Have you scoped out the poker in town?

Thanks for the comments. Unfortunately, poker doesn't really exist out here. The game as a whole is an American invention that just hasn't caught on. There is a little roped off poker room using the PokerTek electronic games that I mention on VT at StarWorld. There were PokerTek employees there giving tutorials on how the game worked. I saw one guy getting frustrated trying to learn it.

One of the reasons why there isn't any poker rooms is the availiability of qualified dealers to run the games. As you know, dealing poker is an extremely complex affair that requires a lot of math and people skills if you want to do it right. Right now the casinos would rather put those man hours to work dealing baccarat, sic bo and the other table games.

There's like 1 blackjack table to every 20 baccarat tables here... and there are no craps tables at all... which sucks for me as that is my game of choice.

I can't believe that they don't have any Craps tables there. Is it because the dealers would have to do a lot of extreme math or is it because the odds aren't overwhelmingly in the Casino's favor?

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