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Encore at Wynn Macau Delayed Until May 2010

Our friend and fellow VegasGangster Admiral Hunter H. Hillegas posted a comment to the prior post which deserves its own headline.

Hunter went to the Wynn Resorts shareholder meeting the other day, wherein Wynn honchos mentioned that Encore at Wynn Macau's grand opening (which was pegged as 12/26 to me by another Wynn honcho) has been delayed until May 2010. The building will be handed over from the construction contractor in April 2010, and will open a month later.

I'm somewhat shocked about this and am curious as to what exactly is causing the delay. Conserving cash? Soft pedaling a soft market in Macau? Construction problems? Design issues? Taking the time to do it right?


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He didn't give a reason - he mentioned it casually as part of an answer about how the company was doing and it was mentioned as if it was normal, not like he was explaining a delay.

I got to thinking about this over the day, and I was reminded of something.

When the original Wynn Macau was opened, it had a rather large parking garage (It probably had more spaces than cars in Macau). That was soon knocked down and a casino/shopping extension was built, which grew the old Wynn property to where the Diamond Suites/Encore is now.

Then it just sat there. They waited like 3-4 months before opening the casino extenstion. One person said it sat there with tables and machines at the ready. I heard so many reasons for this that it was difficlut to gage a reason. After what ever they were waiting for, they opened it.

Meanwhile at my few visits to the Wynn Cotai site, I saw scaffolding around an abortive marquee sign. There was little activity at the site, save a working back-hoe and some trailers (not to mention active security that hassled me for basically walking down the street). Yet for some reason this lack of activity required one of the same massive transformers placed on active construction sites on Cotai.

I guess what I am saying here is, the Wynn could have a start/stop habit in Macau on its construction. Why? Beats me.

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