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City of Dreams To Open June 1st

Ta-daaaah... City of Dreams will open on June 1st, 2009.

Here's the press release.

In related news, the MPEL PR folks aren't responding to my inquiries that they previously said they would be happy to respond to. I've emailed them twice and have gotten nothing but silence.

I officially give up.

The end result of this is that I'm not going to Macau to cover the opening of City of Dreams, but will wait until December/January to do Encore at Wynn Macau and City of Dreams at the same time.

Thanks to Dramman for sending the link to the press release.


Comments & Discussion:

Also the hotel reservations are up on the COD website. No dates open for the crown yet, but the Hard Rock as a few weekday dates open starting mid June.

I forgot to mention - from the Wynn Resorts Shareholder's Meeting - Steve Wynn said Encore at Wynn Macau would open one year from now - May 2010. They get the building from the construction crews in April.

One year? One year? What is he waiting for, that thing is almost done from what I can remember and project forward. What is the hang-up?

I was looking at booking Crown Towers at COD and it seems "Booked Out" until Jan 2010?

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