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Checking In At Hotel Lisboa

Yesterday was incredibly busy. I moved from StarWorld to Hotel Lisboa but my room wasn't ready for about three hours after I checked in (which, granted was early). The hotel upgraded my room to Super Deluxe - free mini-bar & movies on demand, but there's like ONE beer in the minibar and no booze. Regardless after all the hoofing around I'm about to tell you about, I drained all the liquids in the minibar exept for a tomato juice (yech!) and some other drink in a bag which might be milk.

In between periodic stops at the Hotel Registration to see if my room was ready, I explored Hotel Lisboa's public areas. I was not allowed to enter the casino because I had my laptop with me. I didn't want to trust the concierge with it. I also popped over to Grand Lisboa as well and took a handful of photos. Here's a tip for anyone heading to Macau, the plaza outside of the Grand Lisboa is a wifi hotspot... you can barely see your screen during the day because of the sun/humid haze combination, but I could retrieve some information I needed in a pinch. I also managed to locate and take photos of the Kem Pek and Louvre Casino, one of the more mysterous and hard to research casinos. I'm going to head up in there later today.

I made another stop at the Lisboa Hotel reception desk where I stood on line for an eternity. Fatigue, possibly heat related was starting to set in... I managed to choke on some water while standing on line as well... splurting it all over the floor and splashing some guy who was standing next to me. His friends all laughed, but he was obviously upset. I apologized, of course, but the dude had no idea what I was saying. All the bell hops all came running with tissues and hotel staff checked to see if I was ok. When I finally got to the desk nearly 15 minutes later (I was third on line this whole time) the attendent hooked me up with the VIP upgrade. The bellhops grabbed my bag and whooshed me up to my room.

I must say I was pleaseantly surprised about the room, it's quite nice and very comfortable. Some of the decor and pieces of furniture are funky, but more in the tacky Asia's Vegas way than old and decrepit. This isn't the Rain Man suite, it's standard size, but its very well put together.

By this time it was about 2:15 and I had to meet Lytton from MGMMirage in the Wynn lobby in 45 minutes. I quickly emailed him saying I was on my way and he responded back instantly raring to go. I quickly packed up my stuff and headed over to Wynn.


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