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Vintage Macao Photo Jackpot

LIFE magazine has expanded their online photo library yet again and has posted about 200 photos of Macao dating back to the dawn of photography and beyond. You can access the LIFE archives by Google image searching: 'searchterm source:life'.

Included in the Macao archive are a number of drawings of the land from eons ago, shots of local landmarks and tons of photos of gambling halls long since gone.

My two faves are this one - check out the kid at the Sic Bo table - and this one, which demonstrates that the photographer Jack Birns had a sense of humor.

This is a great place for Macau freaks to get lost for a an hour or three.


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Thanks Chuck, these photos are great. Macau looked like a real 'romantic' place in the 40's.
It's such a shame it has changed so much, the little kid at the Fantan table would probably still be alive today.

Sorry I was wrong, it's not Fantan, it's the worlds largest Sic Bo table.
Going by the photos, people seemed to live a good life in Macau then.

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