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Video: Inside City of Dreams

Bloomberg has some video and a photo of the inside of City of Dreams' casino, restaurants and an interview with CEO Lawrence Ho inside "The Bubble".

Click here, then click on the "Photos" or "Video" tab up top to view either or. Note to Mac users: the video requires the Windows Media Flip4Mac plug in (and still doesn't work all that well).


Comments & Discussion:

Fantastic. Thanks for the link, Chuck.

The Bubble certainly looks interesting. I'm disappointed by the casino though. I was expecting to see some aquariums and a more visible underwater theme. I didn't see flowing water etc..

Also, I've read that the Hard Rock is supposed to have a 'punk' theme, with dealers having nose piercings and blue hair...I'm not sure how well that would work in a casino, particularly in Macau..

Oh man...oh man...I think I got a woody. Too bad my schedule and budget situation is getting on me at the moment. Gotta find the time and the cash...

fyi according to annual report of melco crown, city of dreams is scheduled to open in early june...

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