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Dreaming of City of Dreams

Something in my bones has got me looking for airline tickets from Los Angeles to Hong Kong over the last few days, pricing out flights on either side of the last week in June.

No, I do not have any concrete information (yet) about when exactly City of Dreams is opening, but my gut instinct tells me that it will be during the last week in June.

I'm normally pretty good with figuring out numerological dates and whatnot, but the only one that is standing out at me is 6/28 - 6+2+8 = 8+8. 6+2 + (2x8) = 8 8 8 in a weird wacky way. 6/20 could work as well, but why not just tack the other eight on there for good luck.

This trip won't be nearly as extensive/expensive as the last one. Honestly, it can't be... blogging about casinos all over the world isn't exactly the highest paying of jobs, particularly when you factor in gambling addiction travel expenses. Thanks your generous donations to the Cotai 2009 Trip Fund (see the yellow button on the left) about one, maybe two nights of hotel rooms might already be paid for.

The primary focus of this trip will certainly be the opening of City of Dreams, which I'm angling to get media access to (hopefully with an accomplice - Dramman). Secondary stops/stays will be at MGM Grand and maybe a night at Grand Lisboa and/or Sands Macao.

The good thing about having been to Macau, is that I don't have to worry about the logistics too much and can take lessons learned from the last trip and apply them to this one. The most obvious - book a flight that lands in Hong Kong during the day then go right to Macau via ferry.

Right now, this is plan has been nothing but chatter between me and the boss... with a little research on the side. Hopefully the stars will align and we will be ten feet away from Mr. Packer and Mr. Ho as they open the City of Dreams.


Comments & Discussion:

What is R/T air running these days from LAX to Hong Kong? Then I assume you'd take the ferry from there, and how much does that run R/T?

You wanna come with? The more the merrier I say.

Airfare runs about a grand, give or take, I found a fares ranging from $980- $750 last night. I'm sure taxes and all that are tacked onto it.

The ferry I think was like HK$130 - approx $15-20 us. I've still got the receipt... and the blog post: 🔗 

FYI, ferry directly from the Airport is a touch more as I recall. Like $150. Also if you flash your Sands/Venetian/Cotai card at the Cotai Ferry at the HK terminal (NOT the airport), you can get a free ticket over there. (Then again you will have to spend more time, and get the train into town).

If your flying from LA, do yourself a favor and visit the travel agents catering to Chinese/Tawianese-Americans. They will usually know of cheaper deals (most likely EVA Air via Taipei).

I'd love to join, but to be completely honest, I don't possibly see it in the cards right now. I would love to go, and want to plan a trip in the next few years, but a trip in just a few months isn't in my future, unless some major changes come my way. But thank's for the info, I've been curious what it ran, for future reference. If I don't make it, I'd like to think I'll definitely make a trip over for Wynn's Cotai opening, which I realize is several years away, since they haven't even dug a hole yet. I am very excited to see COD open. Its a resort I invested in years ago, all because of the COD project. I have big expectations of this project, and have to say, I was even more excited after I saw the Crown Macau. It has its issues, but they proved they can deliver on the promise, so to speak. The property looks amazing, on the level of a Wynn Resorts, yet with a different look. I was very impressed with their interior design, with its asian flair. Their indoor pool, looks fantastic. I realize they were extremely limited on space with their property, which is what makes me even more excited about COD. If Crown Macau is that amazing, I can' t even imagine what they can do with substantial space to work with, and a number of different towers and environments. The exterior of some of the towers at COD look amazing, especially the Hard Rock tower. I look forward to your trip report and seeing all the pics. And I'll be jealous, but maybe next time, once things are looking up, I too can make the trip.

fyi according to annual report of melco crown, city of dreams is scheduled to open early june...

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