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MPEL Breakthrough!

Well, it only took about four months of bush beating, but I've finally managed to re-establish contact with the folks at Melco-Crown. I guess persistence pays off:

Dear Charles:
Thank you for your email and apologies for the delayed response.

My sincere thanks for your kind interest in City of Dreams. Please feel free to let me know if you require any editorial assistance, so that I can follow up accordingly.

Thank you for your kindest support, and look forward to hearing from you soon.

With thanks and best regards,

Yes, the MPEL/CoD guy and I share the same first name. Anyhoo - if you've got City of Dreams related questions, post them to the comments and I will do my best to get them answered.


Comments & Discussion:

Are they doing a Re-Branding of Crown Prior to COD opening as L HO stated?

If so Why?

Is JP Selling out to L/S HO? (pure speculation)

Just a couple of thoughts Chuck...

Is Crown going to Invest in the troubled and nearly bankrupt MGM CityCentre project? (interesting idea..could be good)

Is Crown excpecting any Further Litigation from Millenium Gaming after Pulling Out of their deal and within a month or so announcing the MGM CityCentre interest? (i presume they wrapped it up tightly)

Looks like they were very lucky to get out of the Millenium deal as Cheaply as they did! (phew)

How is the VIP Highroller Market for Crown Macau at the Moment and do they think Crown can Maintain their Market share of the Highroller Business in light of higher Junket Commissions and increased competition.

Is he worried about the success of City of Dreams with cost overruns, delays and opening in a Severely Depressed Market. I cant see them getting the traffic to support it short term personally.

Are they still doing Casino Management deals with other operators in the territory. Can he confirm/update which ones? (Macao Studio City?)

As a Crown shareholder i hope they improve. Its a worry(gamble)....

I have heard from 3 different sources that Crowns new name will be Al Tira.
According to google, Al Tira was a palestinian town "ethnically cleansed" by Isreal.
Its kind of ironic as they have also "ethnically cleansed" Crown by getting rid of all their foriegn workers.

"Ho also announced this week that the Crown Macau, whose early reputation suffered after a difficult launch, would be given a new name - Altira."

Altira it is....I still ask Why would they do this?

is this the new Altria Logo?


Ok gents. I've sent off the questions to MPEL and hope to hear something in the next week or so. The inquiries about Crown Limited's investments have been omitted as have some of the bits about high roller and other property specific details. This contact is for City of Dreams only, not the entire Melco Crown family. I'll let you know what I know as soon as I know.

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