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Video Fly Throughs : Galaxy Cotai & City Of Dreams

Speaking of Galaxy... they've expanded the video fly through of Galaxy Cotai. There's some great shots of the property at night, including a CG fireworks display that make the thing look like the Disney's Magic Castle.

Galaxy Cotai Flyover

You can watch it stutter along here or download it.

City Of Dreams Interior

City of Dreams has also posted a fly through video which shows a ton of interior renderings, construction status and night shots of what the light show will look like. Their server delivery totally stinks, so be prepared for another stutter filled experience. Watch it here or try your luck downloading the FLV file (Right Click > Save As) to your computer. You should be able to play it with VLC a free swiss army knife of a video player application.


Comments & Discussion:

Hi Guys...Any news on what/why they are Re Branding Crown? as L Ho announced would happen well before COD's opening?

Just curious...Cheers

i've got two sets of emails in to different parts of the melco/melco-crown pr machines hoping to get redirected to someone who will talk to us again. i've confirmed (via linkedin) that both of my prior contacts at mpel have left the company.

honestly, just i'm about ready to throw my hands up and give in on trying to establish contact with them again. mpel has gone from being an 'on top of new media organization' to being a pr nightmare.

Big Trouble in Little China for MelcoPBLCrown?

Im just as Curious to find out as you are....why are they doing it? The Crown Brand cant be that toxic in China....or is JP selling out to L HO?

I will be down next week and will check-out what ever rebranding effort they have.

Meanwhile, I am not worried about Crown from what I have gathered when I was down there the past couple months.

The funny thing is, for some reason I am more excited by the Galaxy than the COD. The COD just seems to big to absorb, just another Venetian to be lost in.

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