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Macau To Reclaim More Land Ho!

Land Ho!

Macau is growing again, not by building more casinos... but by reclaiming more land from the sea. The Macau SAR is planning on reclaiming 500 hectares of the sea (about 1,050 acres) on the eastern and southern sides of the Macau peninsula and the northern part of Taipa/Cotai.

Fortunately for you, I have a time machine and just returned from Macau in the year 2929. Guess what? Macau has now reclaimed a 4,000 x 1 mile trench into the Pacific Ocean which looks surprisingly like the "Wynn" logo from space.


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Ah yes, I came across a picture of the reclaimed land you speak of.


hysterical. bwahwha

Reminds me of something that is considered regal in Macau, but I always thought is kind of sad. In the Grand Lisboa there are promotions and a large display to see a huge diamond Stanley Ho bought and named "The Star of Stanley Ho".

Such a sad life.

A few more....

1. I wonder a few things about WHERE this actually is. the Whole N/S/E/W directional thing is kinda screwy in Macau, and rarely helpful. The general direction of the SAR is N/S, but with the orientation of specific geographical features and the road layouts that piece of info is basically useless. For example, you actually arrive from the south at the ferry teriminal, despite being in the northren part of the SAR and to the west of HK where you sailed from.

2. I do wonder if this includes the strip to the E or S of the MGM Grand all ready reclaimed and fenced off (ie its ready for development now so finally and technically "reclaimed"). Likewise new strip of land to the east of the Wynn property and between airport and power station. I guess what I am saying here is I wonder if its new reclamation or NEW reclamation.

3. If they are talking about the West/North side of the peninsula, then it could be similar to what they did with Ponte 16, where they reclaimed a rather large piece for that hotel to sit on. So the land to be reclaimed could be just a long strip to extend out the coast for large scale development (BTW this was the area where the harbor was considered to be a long time ago, not the seaward facing areas or the islands).

4. As far as the future, a friend of mine in HK who is knowlegable about such things opines that one day a Typhoon is going to hit square on Macau and flood most the reclaimed land al la New Orleans.

Yeah? Well what about the "Wynn Diamond" that is in the Encore Las Vegas Esplanade.... it's hyooog.

I live about half way between Wynn and the Sands and the compass says that East is about the Fisherman's Wharf/Babylon Casino and South is around the MGM.
They have already started reclaiming in this area and a couple of years ago, there was talk of them building another tunnel to Taipa from out front of MGM.
A super typhoon or even a direct hit from a normal one would wipe most of Macau out as the place floods everywhere when ever we get a close one.

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