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City of Dreams' The Bubble Show : Dragon's Treasure

Macau Daily Times has a piece on what the first multimedia extravaganza to occupy The Bubble at City of Dreams will be, and it's called Dragon's Treasure.

The 10-minute visual adventure tells the story of the Dragon Pearl and its mysterious powers as experienced by four Dragon Kings who are magically transported along with the audience on a sensory journey to each of their respective aquatic kingdoms of ice, tropics, volcanic and solar entities. It has been created based on incorporating eastern philosophy and Chinese mythology.

T-minus less than 4 months until opening... more here.


Comments & Discussion:

Take a look at this, the official news release from City of Dreams:

Scroll down to the bottom page, there is a high quality cross-sectional diagram of the bubble. ZOOM IN, the resolution of the image is very high.

It seems like the physical silver shiny bubble is actually twice as big as the theatre area.

Big concern amongst investors and analysts about City of Dreams Viability when it opens....opening with Big Debt in a Severely depressed market.

COD could be a serious Money Pit for LH/JP if they dont get traffic...both VIP and Mass Market to cover their operational costs. Junket Costs are Spiraling and Extremely Competitive.

I think MelcoPBL/crown are going to have Trouble down the road....also when the market turns in 3-5 years they will NO longer be the popular new kid on the block as other Newer properties will be coming online by then. and i cant see Trinity being developed for a long time....

"City of Dreams' The Bubble Show"

Might be a very Appropriate Heading regarding COD's future....

ps I am really looking forward to seeing it but i am glad im not financing it!

Can anyone confirm if Crown Macau is being Re-Branded or Sold? and to what/who?

I've heard nothing of this. Do you have a source or is it rampant speculation?

"Our rebranding efforts at Crown Macau are well underway, and we expect to launch our new proprietary brand for that property in the Spring of this year, well ahead of the opening of City of Dreams."


I saw no Crown rebranding effort last weekend. Then again I only passed by the place in a taxi. I would think that if there was one underway it would be obvious. Perhaps they really mean Q2, which approximates spring.

Meanwhile a Sale? Have not heard anything. My understanding is the COD will be mass-market and the current Crown will be High-roller (read "Junket") land.

That said, a sale could be in the cards (excuse the pun). I have heard the pending Hyatt tower and condo tower is supposedly pretty sweet. I can see it fitting in with SJM's portfolio that is light on high-quality Taipa/Cotai exposure (once that area reaches critical-mass for the mass-market they are going to skip NAPE, I think). So the scenario is there.

The press that VIP links to has something I forgot to make a mental note of when I was in the Crown in Feb. The takeover of their slot operations by their Mocha Clubs division. I wonder what the reasons for this is, and if that is the plan for COD as well.

"I would think that if there was one underway it would be obvious"

Me too but the comments were made by Lawrence Ho so i lend some credibility to it.

Hopefully Chuck can get the latest mail on this from his Buddies at Crown ; )

trust me - i'm trying. i'm beginning to think that they've decided to outsource their PR operations and/or fired everybody i've communicated with. ALL emails come back bouncing, and inquiries to their most basic email address have essentially become a black hole.

i'm pretty much at a loss right now about how to get in contact with them other than picking up the goddamned phone or going to visit their offices in HK.

the whole thing is unbelievably aggravating.

Can you ask Steve Wynn or Sheldon now he's CEO again?



WAS it Sun Tzu, the Chinese general and military strategist, who once mused about the importance of keeping your friends close and your enemies closer?

Perhaps James Packer, doing a bit of business these days in Sun Tzu's part of the world, is a keen reader.

After all, Packer is in the Macau casino business with Lawrence Ho, and their City of Dreams is due to open some time this year. And he can't have failed to notice some comments being attributed to Lawrence's dad, Stanley, about doing business with foreigners.

Chinese reports from Hong Kong being picked up by The Wall Street Journal quote Stan the man addressing several business groups, urging Macau to "unite against" the Las Vegas-based Sands Corp that is building a Venetian casino in Macau.

"We are Chinese. We should unite against foreign capital. We cannot keep silent. If not, the foreign capital will bully us," papa Ho said in one speech.

Sands now fears that anti-American sentiment is being used to create antipathy towards foreign casino operators in Macau.

Ho, it should be remembered, is a rather powerful figure in China. And Packer must be left wondering how far the apple has fallen from the tree.

The Packer angle is complete nonsense.

Ho is drumming sand and Sheldon took the bait. It's all a bunch of hot air between two kids on the playground. I see this mostly as Ho pointing his finger at Sheldon's Cotai mess/tanked stock and calling B.S..

What are they RE-Branding Crown? and Why?

LVS is Roughly US$1.55 very scary......i bet Sheldon is losing some sleep.

I genuinely hope these guys pull through i have shares in Crown and i am very worried but i have to say Generally Crown is a good property and Venetian is great because there is lots to do there.

I love the food experience in Macau....

Not saying there was no effort, just that I did not see any last week. Besides it may be as simple as emphasizing the TOWER in "Crown Tower" in difference to the COD Crown property.

This may be surpassing, but Ho's comments are pretty much old hat. Every so often some Asian business leader feels his oats and blasts "the west" and calls for unity. Who can forget Singpore's Lee Kuan Yew's "Asian Values" speech, the "A Japan That Can Say No" essay, and the rousing Korean Pop/Protest song "Fucking USA"? All Ho did is uncork a tired old bottle of whine, and shame on Sheldon for partaking.

I am looking at finding a way to invest in Crown myself. The COD looks good, many people are eager to see it, and the company really has no appreciable revenue streams like the others so far. Should be a winner.

Meanwhile, where do you go eat in Macau VIP? I usually stay around the Old Taipa haunts when not eating in one of the casinos (the V has some good places there, and the Morton's is a must for any visit for me).

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