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Inside the Macau Massage Sex Trade

Walrus Magazine has a great story about the sex trade in Macau. Perhaps the best part is their request to "see the girls first" before ordering up a massage... I peeped the 'menu' at a massage parlor near Casino Jai Alai and almost hurled at the sight of the 'girls' - not good.

All comedy aside, the sex trade in Macau is alive and well... with Cotai behemoth Venetian Macao slowly giving Hotel Lisboa a run for its hookers per capita money (possibly 20% of those 6.7 visitors LVS claimed last month?)

It's not a pretty story, but definitely worth reading.


Comments & Discussion:

After living in Asia for nine years, you get used to a lot of things, and you also get to learn a lot of things. The whole issue is complicated, and not exactly as it is as set forth in the linked article. In particular, I am getting tired of the "gorillias in the mist" perspective most westerners write in when talking about prostituion in Asia. You can find just as shocking situations in your own backyard, almost literally in some cases.

That all said, I think we can all agree that some practices are wrong and should be eliminated.

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