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The Dramman Files: Encore at Wynn Macau Feb 2009

Photos and commentary by George "Dramman" Geddes except as noted. Thanks Dramboozle!

Encore Suites at Wynn Macau

Encore Wynn Macau

Glass work going up. Humming along nicely.

Encore Wynn Macau

Encore Wynn Macau

Encore Wynn Macau

Encore Wynn Macau

I saw some artwork of the place, and doubted it. It seems to be it was truthful, but the gold frames are to be glass and not brutalist concrete as they seemed to me in the aforementioned artwork. Not sure how the diamond lights are going to fit in and look though.

More Dramman Files coming shortly...


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Do you think they might go back to calling it Diamond Suites? I mean, it's no longer shaped like its bigger Vegas sibling, they've got the diamond lights down the center, and the tower's sign on the artwork says Wynn. Wouldn't surprise me.

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