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Dramman's Macau / Cotai Extravaganza Starts Now

Wow. As in holy crap wow.

I've gone through the motherlode of stuff that George "Dramman" Geddes has sent us over the last few days, and frankly, I'm blown away.

Instead of making one super huge long photo heavy post, I'm gonna break this stuff into a bunch of smaller joint-specific ones. First on the list is Wynn Cotai... guess what? They're moving dirt around!

Onwards... and big thanks to Dramman for hooking up the motherlode of Macau goodies. You rule!


Comments & Discussion:

Wow, thanks a lot Dramman and Chuck!

I'm surprised they've actually started on Wynn Cotai. I thought construction on their site would be as busy as it is at Macau Studio City...

I'm curious as to how City of Dreams is shaping up. I hear they've removed a lot of the wooden panels that surround the site. I guess that means we can expect some pretty close up photos? Hopefully?

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