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Crown And Out?

I heard a number of interesting anecdotes this week about the goings on in Macau, one thread specifically related to renovations at Crown Towers Taipa. According to our sources, the retooling of Crown from a mass market to a nearly pureplay junket outpost has transformed the formerly high class joint into the linguistic equivalent of a grimace - and not the purple dude at McDonalds.

As anyone who visited Crown during it's first six months of operation will tell you, the casino (and the property on the whole) was a true stunner. To hear that junket focus has diluted quality is troubling.

On the surface, such assertions don't make much sense - the well heeled usually run in fast and elegant company. However if you flip the egg and consider that having a built in clientele - guaranteed by contract - would give a lazy operator ample reason to let the bottom line trump artistic vision and render pointless the power of competition in the guest experience sweepstakes.

Should such a scenario exist, Crown would (d)evolve into a +/- 5 star version of Casino Jai Alai wherein the quest for rolling chip volume usurps all.

Of course, such conjecture is just that. One person's ant hill is another's satin tufted cloud villa. As one who gushed Crown's virtues to the point of being accused of being MPEL's piss boy, I'm eager to hear the opinions of those who have been to the Taipa tower in the last four months.

Have you seen marked changes at Crown's casino - either in service level, atmosphere and design? Do tell...


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When I saw the crown casino back in September to try to grab a bite to eat, I was a little shocked how different it was from my first visit a few months ago. The place was not as busy, and they even removed tables from the floor with no real attempt to cover it up (well rope it off, but not cover it up). Then again Macau is not used to having to play head-games with its clients (You can park a yacht in places like the grand waldo, grand lisboa, and venetian.)

Oh and that bite to eat? Could not find the steakhouse they advertised around town for the life of me, and the rest of the offerings looked a little too Cafe de Coral (pat yourself on the back if you get that reference). So I said F-it, and went a couple blocks down to a nice French place I knew. IN that area, there's quite a few nice places a few blocks away.

As far as being Crown's piss boy, well I disagree with that. However let's save that conversation for that cigar you promised me. Last I heard COD was still on schedule for "late 2Q", which means June.

Thanks Dram. to add to the mix, we got an email from a reader who said they've heard from a recent visitor that the joint was dirty and sort of a mess.

oh... and the restaurants are all inside the hotel tower a la Aurora, location for our planned meetup. when i was staying there i couldn't for the life of me get from the Crown Casino to the hotel tower even after getting directions twice. eventually, i went out to the porte cochere and into the lobby tower elevator to 38, then down the resort elevators.

Jai Alai...(shudder)

The Macau equivalent to Whiskey Petes...(shudder)

Then again the first time I went to Macau they ALL were like the Jai Alai, including the Lisboa.

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