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Macao Studio City : 103 Days Without An Accident (At Least)

Congratulations to the workers at Macao Studio City, who - by our haphazard calculations - have endured 103 days without a workplace accident.

Or anything else for that matter.

Take a good look at the backhoe in the photos below and scan through the calendar until you reach today. We'll meet you at the bottom.

Macao Studio City Cancelled

The last crane left the site on March 9th between 5 and 6pm, never to be seen again. The backhoe was last moved between 4:33 and 4:46pm on August 22, 2008. The mound of dirt there has grown over with grass twice.

How long does this have to lie dormant before we can stick a fork in it and call it cancelled?

The next logical question, how long will it be before they pull the plug on the web cam?


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