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Updated: Wynn Macau Wins Mobil Five Star Award, MGM & Crown also honored

Updated : Mobil gives stars not diamonds, thanks solar for pointing out my boo-boo.

Wynn Macau's hotel and spa have both won the prestigious Mobil Five Star Award for 2008. Definitely well deserved... congratulations to our friends at Wynn!

Here's the press release via MarketWatch. Thanks to reader John for the tip!

Read our review of Wynn Macau's hotel room, assessment of their pool and deconstruction of their interior designs.

Mobil Four Star Lodging Winners:

MGM Grand Macau
Crown Towers Macau
Mandarin Oriental
Sands Macao

Mobil Four Star Spa Winners:

Six Senses Spa at MGM Grand Macau
The Spa at Crown Towers Macau
V Spa at Venetian Macao


Comments & Discussion:

For us anal bastards, it should be noted that Mobil awards stars and not diamonds!

@solar - thanks for catching my boo boo.. i've made the fixes.

Its crap like this that give us gwei's a bad name. How can Mobil ignore some of the more Chinese oriented places (no pun intended, ok comments like that give us a bad name too).

The Grand Waldo should get something IMHO, and the spa there is frequently talked about as one of the best in Macau.

Oh and where the hell is the Westin Resort on Coloane?

Things have changed a lot in Macau recently. Maybe the awards were judged on service, which other than at Wynn is virtually non existant.
Maybe they werent judged on the quality of girls.
The locals dont care, some were quoted in the newspaper as saying that they dont care if the casinos fail as the government will take them over and they will still have jobs. What kind of loyalty is that.

thats what happens when the job reports trumpet that there are more jobs than people to fill them - at least before the economic crisis/visa restrictions/canceling of planned openings reared its beastly head.

not surprised about wynn service. they were soooo helpful and together there.

i've got encore las vegas booked for xmas, but i'll be going out for the opening night festivities 12/21-22. maybe i can corner steverino into talking turkey about cotai plans. or not.

When and if the City of Dreams, The Arc and all the Sands projects are up and running there will be more jobs than people to fill them.
There is only a very small amount of locals which are capable of filling these positions but the government seems to think that all the locals should do them.It wont be long before the old grannies from the Red Markets will be dealers.
Although the governents plans are noble and they saying what the locals want to hear,its just not practicle and just wont work.
In reality they are a small time local government trying to compete in a booming world class business and they just dont have a clue.

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