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Wynn Encore Macau Construction Photos, November 2008

Ask and ye shall receive! I'm super excited to post a very recent round of Encore Suites at Wynn Macau construction photos, sent in by extremely generous photographer friend AceMacau. Thank you Ace for sharing these supremely killer photos!

Encore Macau Construction Photos

I love the parenthetical way of treating the logo... it's techie but classic at the same time. Subtle... and exciting.

Encore Macau Wynn

Far away shot, taken from the west side of the lagoon adjacent to the Nam Van Lake. Left is the Wynn Macau tower (obviously), Encore to the right and the Royal Arc behind it. The low lying buildings to the foreground is VIP entrance/lobby/snack bar area. MGM Grand Macau is to the right of this (not pictured). Also, the buildings to the right of Encore is *generally* where the MelcoPBL Trinity project will be, if it even gets built.

Encore Macau Wynn

This view is from the service road between Wynn & MGM, where the Red Bus drops off. The building to the left is Galaxy StarWorld. Royal Arc looks like its in the 'finishing touches' stage.

Encore Macau Wynn

Taken from the MGM side of the service road between Wynn & MGM. The angle makes these two buildings look the same size, Royal Arc (or is it Arch?) is enormous, and is what guests staying on the other side of the Encore tower will be looking at from their rooms. Loverly view eh? (Note to self: when booking Encore Macau, request a pool facing room)

Encore Macau Wynn

Detail view. The pool is to the left.

Encore Macau Wynn

It looks like the yellow netted scaffolding is for construction of the tower base buildings (about five floors of dining, spa, retail and other goodies) and not just to protect from falling debris. Wynn was the first company to require workers to use metal scaffolding in construction and not tied together bamboo. Due to this and other construction techniques not used in Macau, they have been able to build this thing at light speed. This whole area was a pile of mud when I was there 14 months ago.

You'll also notice the tower rendering seen in the previous post, displayed prominently on the wall outside, so we can confirm that this is that or that is this. Your choice.

Thanks again to AceMacau for the super excellent photo hookup!


Comments & Discussion:

Hi, nice meeting you~

Regarding this Wynn expansion, do u know how many hotel rooms is it going to provide?

N also, I've read the other article of yours, the Oceanus one, does it mean that the 600 hotel rooms will not be established as originally said? Or a decrease to a smaller number?

Million thanks!

New fans of Macautripping

Encore at Wynn Macau will have 400 suites. The Oceanus project is cancelled, to my knowledge no new plan has evolved to take its place.

Are these 400 suites for Wynn still under construction?

And according to the interim report of SJM, Oceanus is scheduled to commence operations in the second half of 2009, and is planned to comprise 300 mass market gaming tables and 600 slot machines. Nothing is mentioned about the VIP segment.

Btw, do you have info on the hotels which are still under construction now?

Thanks! Hv a nice day!

the 400 are the ones pictured above. see

i'm guessing that SJM is still calling it "Oceanus" but from news reports we've blogged about, the project as seen in the renderings has been scrapped.

i'll do a little digging to see if that has changed

Please kindly keep me informed...


Do you know how high Encore Macau will be? Namely, to what floor will the building go up to? Will it be taller than Le Royal Arc behind it?


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